Dienstag, 2. November 2010

Classtrip to England 2010

On Monday 13 September... 
we started a five day trip to Canterbury. Nine hours on a bus isn’t that entertaining, I thought. But the trip to Canterbury and crossing the Channel by ferry was a small adventure itself. On the bus there was a real’’ road trip feeling’’. We all made jokes, listened to and sang along to music and some even played cards. After the long drive we arrived at the campus of the University of Kent, where each group (4-5 persons) got their houses.
The first night was hectic because we unpacked and everyone wanted to takea look at the other houses and everyone was walking around and no onethought of sleeping.

The first day started off by exploring Canterbury. Beside filling in a questionnaire we went a bit window shopping and visited an antique tower. That evening wasn’t that hectic as the last one. We all sat together and let the time pass by till Fr, Breuer’s morning call came. 
On the second day we visited Dover castle. Beside all the history and royalty I personally found it interesting to see how the class bonded on a new level. After walking up and down, left and right, and taking some pictures, we made a stop at Deal, a small town on the coast. We walked along the shopping street and headed to the beach. It was windy, and sunny, and it was relaxing just sitting with the classmates enjoying our time together. In the evening we did, what became a routine : cook eat& chill. Even if we always sat together it was never boring or quiet. 
Thursday was one of the best days of the class trip. We visited London. First we made a boat tour on the Thames, where we saw Big Ben, Westminster, London Bridge and the icon of the bankers' quarter, the Gerkin. 
After the tour we could explore London in groups of about 4 persons, self-guided and more or less on foot. As you can imagine no one really wanted to visit St. Paul’s Cathedral or Westminster. It was more about Abercrombie and Converse. In the evening we all drove fully loaded back to the campus to spend ‘’our last night together’, where almost no one slept (not even Mrs Breuer). 
At 7 am we left Canterbury and started our drive home. After these exhausting nights and days everyone just wanted one thing : sleep ! On the bus and on the ferry you would find teenagers beside each other, over and under each other in just any position for that one luxury sleep. At around 6 pm we arrived back home to our beloved building: our school, where we got picked up by our personal drivers, our parents. 
I enjoyed the trip to its fullest and not only on the culture aspects, but also on a personal level. In these days, where we woke up together, ate together and slept together, the class became not only a team, but a unit. 
I would like to thank Mrs Breuer and our brownie bear Mr Braun for not only guiding us through the trip and teaching us historical facts like : the Roman Lighthouse was built in 1539, but for being the main key that helped us bond and for the fact that they survived those days with us . Not only on my behalf, but on the behalf of your 10.1, thank you!
And a special thank to our bus driver Andreas for the wonderful drives!

by Tala Jomaa/10.1

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